Her Majesty's Zeppelins

What a tremendous impression of atmospherics and scale, it looks like everything was ripped straight out of a Jules Verne novel.

Did you use the smoke sim for all of the exhaust effects as well or was that done in post-pro?

Ace Dragon, I used smoke sim to create smoke, then applied it in post-processing and tweaked.

Holy crumpets, that’s amazing! :eek: How long did it take you to model all that? Are those smoke and holograms done in post?

Great work I m really impressed by the amount of details.

Wow, that is epic - one of the best pieces I’ve seen in Blender.

It took me nearly a month and a half to design, model, texture and render it)

swmo, ericBlender, fusobotic thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

really amazing piece of art 5*

Really great job, the ships are epic and really adds life to the entire scene. I think a different color sky would of added better contrast to the blue lights on the ships, and really ground the scene.

DarkLimit, maybe in case of orange-tinted sky complementary colors could play together well) thanks for an interesting point!

sarwat, glad to hear, thanks!

You are welcome, “orange-tinted sky” would go well I think. it would add life to the background and the ships back there would stand out more. With the image right now the foreground grabs your attention while mostly everything else fades into the blue and white.

So with the sky being orange it would add balance and you can get a nice warm orange ambient light that would light the interior of the ceilings as a result.

This is an absolutely gorgeous image. I hope you’re going to submit it to other non-Blender sites.

Steve S

You’ve raised the bar with this one. Awesome job!

Wooow, epic!! I love it… :wink:

Thank you, Steve! Already submitted the image to Render.ru 3d gallery. There was surprisingly positive feedback, now thinking about other galleries. Though, Blenderartists is a natural choice, of course))

WhiteSoul, you made my day :slight_smile:

thanks. the bar is pretty high already, I tried to match it)

really really really beautiful!

It’s the truth, haha, it seems that on these forums there are only pro people. :cool:

I hope that one day I can become good as you. ^^