Her Majesty's Zeppelins

Hello! My name’s Spelle, I’m really excited to share my work with Blender community. Recently, this picture has won first prize in contest called “Her Majesty’s Air Fleet” (Render.ru). It was my first serious project, done with Blender. Now I want to express my deep gratitude to this forum and to all of contributors of Blender.

update. picture got “Render of the week” award on Blendernews.org

update 2. Making of - Full version in my blog: http://www.blender-game.com/

update 3. “quick tips” video, regarding Display tools in blog. more to come

update 4. Posted short vid about making of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJvZfv5JtPA



This is a wonderful piece of art, congratulations for the prize.

My god! How much time to render all of this, you even put some people on the street!

That looks amazing. You’ve gone into so much detail. are you going to make an animation? How long did it take to render?

This smells like Final Fantasy :wink: Excellent work 5* from me

Simply amazing. Epic work, congratulations!:slight_smile:

Thank you!

All in all, it took 4 days to render and re-render all the passes. People initially was rendered, but after that heavily processed and faked in post-production ).

Какой программный пакет вы используете?

I’m glad you like it! It was done as a still, animation is possible but some day ^)

I have a question about thumbnails. Maybe someone knows how to make thumbnail pictures less compressed? For some reason, they doesn’t look good at all. I will be grateful, if this can be changed.
Though, full version of the picture looks allright and not compressed.

Thank you, JoHal! I didn’t take Final Fantasy as a reference, but I like it

Simply breathtaking. Greeat work, and well deserved prize! :smiley:

I left speechless with the impression

your the best promation for blender … amazing work :slight_smile:

Feature! Feature! Feature! This has to be featured! Awesome work. How many verts overall?

Wow, yeah this should definitely make it into the gallery.

Absolutely brilliant work!

ouch, what an introduction ! Your work is just amazing. Modelling, lighting, texturing and overall mood are just nice. Congrats and five stars from me !

Excellent piece of work! Very epic! =D

meschoyez, graphos, ikkiz, sumoLondo - thank you! I tried my best to make something compelling and I’m glad you like it!