Here come Da Judge!! Here come Da Judge!!

(SKPjason) #1

Just curious about something…

Anyone know the name and a mailing address of the judge supposedly in charge of deciding what happens with Blender…

Perhaps some letters from the community declaring the “special” nature of Blender would show the judge the type of “product” he is making decisions about - put a human face on it… as the company name implies… not a number…

Of course, maybe things don’t work like that in Netherlands… but it could be worth a try…


(sten) #2

hehe…why not

seems as it would show our love to Blender :wink:


(theeth) #3

that’s actually a good idea!

It could lead to more radical behaviours, but well…


(Goofster) #4

well, the faith of NaN is not decided by a judge i think.

as far as I know there’s a curator (not a judge) who decides what needs to be sold and what not.

(Eric) #5

how can they sell of something they haven’t charged for?

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(Sprite) #6

They haven’t charged for the license for users to use it. But they still have full rights to the product (i.e. the source code, control over its distribution, license terms like royalties, etc.).