Here Comes Santa

Hey guys! This is an idea I had for the Blender Guru Christmas Entry. I had a hard debating if I should go with Santa being stuck in the chimney, or if he’s coming down the chimney to deliver presents. So any ways, this is how far I’ve come. I would really appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.

Thank you!

Try to make Santa more prominent. Maybe change the red color of the blankets, so that the red coming from the chimney catches the eye.

Thank you for the response and the feedback. I really appreciate that. I went with your suggestions and came up with this. I hope this is better. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

It’s a good practice to play with different angles, different light sources, different poses for the character… Perhaps you can have just the lamp on the left and it can be more like the kind that looks like a flashlight and it will shine directly on Santa. Another idea is to show the lower part of the tree where the presents are. I’m just throwing whatever comes to my head… Have fun with it. You have a few more days until the final deadline for the compotition, so you can really go wild with this :slight_smile: