Here is Max!

So this is Max!
Exported a base mesh form CC, texture Painting in substance painter and final render with cycles in blender!
this work is based on a reference photo someone cosplaying Max Caulfield from Life is strange
I wasn’t aiming to get very photorealistic (Nor can I do it obviously because it is super hard :D) and used my reference photo to get a general idea!
I kind of played with different lighting setups and got very interesting results just playing with lights and their colors

this one is my final result with split lighting (I used one warm color for this one)

this one created with three lights with different saturated colors too make it like Neon Lights

and this one created with one light shining from above results in strong shadows around eye socket, I also used cool light color to create a kind of sad gloomy mood for her

and this one is Evil max! her facial features are exactly the same but with a reddish strong light shining from below creates a very creepy face!

and for the last one I used two small focused lights shining from each sides to create a Two Face max! if you cover left side with your hand she will look evil and if you cover right side she will look like an innocent girl!

this one is also my original render with plain HDRI (Studio Lighting), all renders with different looks are exactly the same but as you can see with different lighting setups we can create huge differences and all kinds of moods!

my original reference picture for the face on the Pinterest:

hope you guys like it and I’ll be happy to know your opinions!

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Thank you
I also Updated my original post with different renders done with only different lighting setups in Blender!

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