here my 3D Chevrolet Malibu!!

still work in progress i need to model the interior still! after im done i will make it into a game and show u guys.

please tell me what u think it my first attempt at a 3D Higher poly car.


Sorry guys, can someone tell me how to upload the actual .blend file. it wouldnt let me so i just uploaded these photos.

your topology looks very strange. could you post some wire screenshots or the blend?

to post the blend youdo the same thing you do to post photos but select and upload the blend instead.

It looks like you may have some normals flipped on the front left tire. I would select that object, go into edit mode, and ctrl-n and click that and it should make the weird shading on it go away.

why it might look that way, is for the doors,hood trunk and any other creases in the car i took, for example the door, selected it and pressed y to Split. the reason i did this is because when i set the whole car body smooth, the creases look bad and have black marks around them. so i thought spliting each seperate area made it look better.

as for the normals, that was just the lighting i think cause all the normals are where i want them and i can’t do the Ctrl N thing because it doesnt read it properly and it flips the grill of the car the inside-out. Thanks for ur comments!

That’s what happens when the normals are pointing the wrong way. Set smooth just highlights this problem more. Having them corrected will give a better result.

When you adjust the normals (inside, outside or flipping) the action is only applied to the selected faces (or faces surrounded by selected vertices).

You could either select around the area to correct or select everything, correct, then select the couple of areas that need to go the other way and fix them separately.