here's a material challange! (T^T) help me!!!

I’m trying to create this as a producal cycles material, but i really have no clue where should i start this from, it’s a common material so common that i tried to slove it for 2 weeks because it’s needed alot of time,

first!, how do you get the shapes randomly placed? i tried to make a voronoi texture with random cell properties with color ramp + sky texture + maths node; but it didn’t work.
next, the bump dots, for that moment, i used a limited cell texture, but i had to include the indents, is there a way to make dot textures?
last, how can i make the cement dotted but not the little rocks?

As a rough draft…And there wont be nice smoothness for pebbles. And probably too heavy math to check if random spots are not on top of each other.

How about makeing 1x1 tiliable texture :smiley: Then just make seams everywhere… And uv+Reset and done…