Here's a quick exe. file I did....

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This is a quick demo of my wheels for a vehicle, I have been trying to figure it out for about two days now. It may be easy for some, but it took me, (Being a NOOB) a couple of sitdowns at my computer to figure it out, and I still don’t know if its the best way, but I am satisfied with my results. Thanks to everyone who sent info, I hadnt looked, cause I wanted to do this one on my own, So here it is. Remember, it is not a Demo persay, just a test on controls for a vehicle, and it ran pretty slow on my sons computer when I sent it to him, But he only has a 600 mghz, and 256 ram… But speed wasnt the issue with me, just rotation, and steering. So here it is, … Try it out…

NDNChief… :smiley:

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So, here it really is, give it a try… Oh yea, The sound is kinda annoying, but some sound better than none, LOL


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well, it doesn’t feel realistic, although it’s getting there. There have been better attampets at true car physics using python, but it was the slightly unreal qualities that made the control fun.

A good tip for starting off making blender games is not to aim for reality,but aim for a game, and for it to be fun!

I presume you made the car body the parent of the wheels. Try making an Empty (in the same place of each wheel’s rotationpoint) the parent. Then, make the car body the parent of the empties. That way you can give the “WheelsLeft” IPO to the empties, and the “Wheels right” IPO to the wheels. This will eliminate the bug caused by pressing both left and right at the same time. Resulting in both IPO’s being played harmoniously, making the wheels return to the centre.


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Yeah, its pretty good. I have a refresh problem with exes on this computer, but from what I can tell the animation and control of the truck is pretty good.

You do realize that you can turn the truck without going forward, dont you? Generally, cars dont actually turn unless you are driving.

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Thanks for the comments and pointers, I appreciate it, lots…

The NDN…