Heres a totally pointless question....

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How should I pronounce Elysiun??? :smiley:

(mthoenes) #2

why it is pronounced “elysiun” of course.

Really, I have no idea, but if you search the forums, I think has already been answered.

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like the greek mythology: the Elysiun’s fields


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MSN search !

E·ly·si·um [ i líee m, lízzee m ]

  1. heaven: in Greek mythology, the home of the blessed after death. Also called Elysian Fields

  2. ideal place or condition: any ideally delightful or blissful place or condition

Wav pronouncing it:

(blengine) #6

wow that .wav pronunciation really sucked!!

i say it EE-LEE-SHIIN or something like that

hey how do u say water??

i say wudder =D

(CubeFan973) #7

I asked this question before. My pronunciation was, and still is, L-E-C-un.

However, there’s a girl at school named Elysia (not sure if that’s the right spelling), pronounced Lee-suh (Lisa), so who knows? Maybe it’s lee-see-un, with the E at the beginning being totally pointless!

(Goes off to look in his almanac)

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Does it matter how you pronounce it? It’s not like Kib’s standing behind you with a bat.

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or is he? …


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Small fyi, in Beethoven’s 9th they sing: …Tochter aus Elysium… and it’s pronounced eee lee see oom.