Here's Johnny

Dear ladies and Gentlemen,
May I proudly present you Johnny my Robobutler! As you can see he already experienced alot and has some signs of usage but he is still very loyal and always friendly and ready to help! :smiley:

You may have seen this project in focused critique or on (thanks to all the people commented there!), I post it here to recieve some more comments and critics on the final result. I know, it’s far from being perfect but I have to move on… Just tell me what you like and what you dislike :slight_smile:
It’s rendered in cycles with 500 samples and composited in blender.


Nice snapshot! I like it.

I just think that in the real world it might have some problems in maintaining the balance :slight_smile:

As I wrote in the previous post, I loved the model and the concept. You were really creative with this work!
My only point is: the robot does not match with a traditional house. But it is still an awsome work!

The ‘signs of usage’ seem to be rather random and aimless. I can see dents and dings on his shoulders and elbows and hands, which are in “harms way” so to speak, and scrape marks on his chassis where his hard parts might rub against his other hard parts, but I can’t see where the scrapes on his torso, legs and face come from. Does he go out periodically and force his way through hedges and brambles? :spin:

Thanks for commenting guys! Orinoco, I thought more about “Hugo” the great Dane who lives in the same house, dogs don’t like robots… No seriously I really overdid with scratches especially on the legs, I see it now but not when I was working on it…( note to myself: stay away from project for a couple days then come back and reconsider everything again before calling finished )
I did the concept of Johnny to fit in a traditional environment, thats why I came up with the Butler theme… And YAFU your right, but who cares about reality when a robot is serving wine? :eyebrowlift:

wow i like the textures…

Habauk, But he could break the bottle. It would be a waste and a sad loss! :smiley:

Without kidding, that feeling of instability gives to the scene an interesting touch.

You broke the rule… of not rotating the camera x or view axis. Check Andrew`s price tut.
You should never rotate the camera like that, in architecture scenes cause it give the feeling of unsure to the viewer.
Other than that, it looks pretty cool. Kinda simple. Perhaps some more details? Painting on the wall and scatter little stuff on the floor, maybe a carpet?
Keep it up man. :wink: The robot is great.

I think this is not architecture, right?. I do not know much about this but I think I’ve seen that kind of rotation in camera tracking in action movies.

I had the camara stright but it was way more static and I didn’t like it… with the “dutch tilt” it looks more dynamic and alive I guess… Of course I wouldn’t do that in a archviz! :slight_smile: I tried to get the focus on Johnny as much as possible thats why I kept the backgroud simple. I just put there what was necesarry to give the eye a size reference. Not saying that more details would be bad, just different :wink:
thanks for commenting btw :slight_smile:

I love it ! can even imagine a key sticking out his back to wind it up (bring back clockwork its GREEN) lol

good art doesn’t have to obey any rules and I wouldn’t hesitate to have a print like this on my wall

great work keep it up

Awesome! Great to see this finished!

I like the little smile scratched on his face. Does the poor guy have children to deal with too?

I really like the idea with the key :smiley:
The smile was one of the last things I added but it’s makes a big difference in my eyes!
No he doesn’t have to deal with children, not yet^^

It became great!