Here's My Screensaver!

For those of you who don’t remember the screensaver I made after seeing Nvidia’s Orb I finally found a place to host it so yous guys can download it for free!

There are some reqs that you might want to notice

Minimum Reqs

750 MHZ processor
256 MB RAM
64 MB Graphics Card

Recomended Settings

1300 MHZ prcessor
512 MB RAM
128 MB AGP Graphics Card

Enjoy and Happy Blending!

looks Great, but i dont use screensavers :wink:
Good job

Nice screensaver. The textures on the sphere looks nice. But maybe you should add a little python script to make the mouse invisible. :slight_smile:

Sorry didn’t know the mouse even showed up. (doesn’t on mine but every system is different. I’ll get to that.

It’s a great screensaver, but it have the higger minium requisement (for a screen saver) that I see :smiley: :slight_smile:
Bye bye

How did you turn it into a screensaver?

…just rename your .exe file into .scr.

my comps too slow

430 MHZ processor
8 MB Graphic Card

Really? SWEET! :smiley:

I’m currently working on getting it to work for slower comps. The textures use are very small but I think it’s the alpha settings thats causing it to run slow.

Sweet ive been looking for a screensaver after my hard drive had to be wiped cuz of a bunch of viruss.
I used to have one that was built for my graphics card but i dont remember what graphics card i have right now (i get a new one like every 6 months lol. Im planning on getting the new GeForce when it gets a lil cheaper on Ebay.)
Well thank you for the screensaver.

I found a really cool screensaver that will play any avi, divx, or mov file on your screen, including sound, and as a screensaver! You can create a playlist, so it goes through a bunch of movies. I have it so my fanfilm plays whenever my computer goes inactive. If anyone is interested, post, and I will post a link.