Hershey Kisses

Hi all blender-ers. this is my… second project i think. Ive been debating whether this goes into the finished projects, but I decided maybe there was more. Anyway, these are evidently the infamous little chocolates i am so addicted to:D
all done in blender, rendering time about 30 seconds
note: i left some uncovered for the appetite factor

any ideas how I could keep going on this?


Really good for your second project! There are a couple things bugging me though.

First, the material on the white Hershey kiss looks too hard. The aluminum is a hard bump map like that, but it doesn’t look quite right. Maybe add some reflectiveness and tone down the normal on the texture. And maybe you would want to add that little piece of paper sticking out the top with the word Hershey on it, make it more realistic. And I don’t really like the shiny floor. It is too shiny for me. It is a complete mirror and it doesn’t look right. Maybe add some Fresnel or something to make it a bit less. Or just turn it down so it isn’t a complete mirror.

And if you are looking for a nice render maybe make a studio render. Just make that plane “only shadow” in the material panel, and then maybe add some gradient background in the world buttons for a nice effect. Maybe add some AAO. And to top it off a Depth of Focus node would look awesome. And if you wanted perfection put it in the Indigo renderer for a couple hours for a great render.

But those are all suggestions on the rendering. It still looks really good but could look better with more work. I sure you will make it better! Can’t wait to see it!!