Hexagon 3D for $37.00...

I guess everybody noticed the September issue of 3D World magazine. It has a CD with Hexagon 1.2 the full version on it. And for a limited time October 30 you can upgrade the one that came with the CD and get Hexagon 2.5 for $37.00!

I tried Hexagon 1.0 when it came out and liked it alot myself. I still like Blender but will now be able to use both.

Just thought I’d mention it to those interested.

Any screenshots of it? Do you think Hexagon 2.5 is worth $37? Is version 1.0 or 1.2 or whichever you’re using free?

That’s weird…Never heard of it…Or have I?

Here is the “homepage”

2.5 is 149USD atm.

IMO its more a toy than a tool, but for 37 bucks. you never know when it might come in handy and you need one unique feature that it might has ^^

There was a special on an earlier 2.x version and I looked into it back then. It seems to have some good features, but many users seem to be complaining about crashes, lost work and other functional bugs that have never been fixed.

IMO Hexagon 3d 2.5 is one of the most powerful and intuitive modeling tool in existance! IN THEORY. However as the guy above me notes, it crashes way too often whenever you try to use an Ngon. And guess what? Most of those awesome tools that give it that theoretical crown of power all involve the use of Ngons.

The displacement, normals, diffuse painting, simply doesnt work at all for me. If it did, it would be such major pwnage.

BTW about 3 years ago Hexagon was offered for $1 - full version. That’s when I bought my copy lolzzz

my advice is that if they don’t improve it all that $37 would be better spent elsewhere. However if they do improve it and you get that update for free and the crashes are fixed you just scored big time there buddy congrats.

btw the License fee or whatever I paid back then, has given me the right to subsequent updates so I have 2.5+ on my computer right now. Cant say I ever use it though

Thanks for the info!