Hey Everybody

Can anyone tell me how to open a image in blender and after model from it? Look at this>

This guy opened a dinosaur img and modeled from it.
How i can do that?

For Blender 2.49b, you have to have a saved external image. Then go to view-background image, and a file browser will open so you can load it.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

As I have never used it, I don’t know, but you may need to be careful to load it into the correct view.

I did that alredy but the the image wont open

You see it only in orthographic view > numpad 5 or view menue.

Cheers mib

Regards! Works

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to import images as planes too. In 2.5, enable the addon in the user preferences then go to the file menu and choose import images as planes.