Hey Mac Blender folks - don't let the E-Cycles for Mac die

If you’re still using Blender Mac with a crappy Nvidia hardware because of CUDA support please look at E-Cycles. It is a really useful Cycles version that could save you a lot of rendering time for a few bucks. Author of E-Cycles consider to stop develop a Mac version.

E-Cycles on Blenderartists

:-/ … yfile, if you were just trying to make a link, do this: type E-Cycles, then select it and click the hyperlink button above, then paste in the URL… then you get this E-Cycles

Ok. Done. Thank you for an great tip.

I can understand your concern, but what should we about it? If he stops supporting MAC then that’s how it is.

It is simple - he needs a few more Mac clients to make it profitable.

Yeah OK, I don’t see another way either. But I doubt that another post will serve that purpose. The project is pretty well known here on BA.
If you want to do PR for it, you should try to spread the word on Facebook and the likes.