hey this is my first post, tell me what u think :)

yeah as i said this is my first post, i have been refering to this forum for quite a while and never got round to posting anything but here we go…

opens photobucket one minute…
anyone know my password?.. no… il keep guessing… oh wrong username -.-

ok so here we have a black widow model i made quite recently… i always have trouble with backgrounds so i just put a blurry forrest scene there… some sort of attempt at DOF i suppose lol.

here is my most recent, still working on this… its my first real attempt at a face, i think its ment to be female XD it lacks texture and stuff cos im just trying to get the shape down atm.

and lastly the body to go with that head hopefully, i have been on and off working on this for quite a while.


so yeah my name is Chris btw if anyone wanted to know, i would love some tips on lighting and textures and well any tips would be very appruciated, apprutiated, appru… ap… also a spelling lesson maybe…

thanks very much xxx ps. this forum is a collection of amazing works and artists well done too all.

Welcome Chris! Hope you enjoy your time here.

The first image with the spider can grow a lot with material work and textures, some rim lighting might also help a lot. The super simple background works ok, but adding one or two foreground elements would be nice - particularly thinking about having the branch in view that the spider is hanging from. A leaf or two on the branch. Simple stuff to turn it from a model and background image into a bit more of a scene.

With the girl - the overall form is pretty good, but people will give you critique on the edge loops / topology / use of triangles. Being the first to reply I get to be nice. :slight_smile: Triangles (as opposed to quads) can cause issues when using a subsurf modifier (ie subdivision surfaces). They aren’t necessarily ‘evil’ but it is best to avoid them where you can or hide them in places like behind the ears and so on. They can also cause some issues with deformation. Long story short, avoid them where you can.

The other thing wth the topology of the girl is edge loops. (Google the term a bit if it is new to you.) The eye for example should consist of a series of clearly defined loops of polygons around the eyes. A triangle near the eyes is a big no no if you plan to animate her at some point. (Which is always a fun option, even if you didn’t plan to when starting the character.)

Can’t explain much more as my plane is boarding soon. But both pieces are off to a good start. Keep at it!

my favorite is the black widow, maybe it is the more original. The body is also good, appart the hand that look too flat. maybe you could just fix it with a z resize.