Hi Guys!

I am new to blender but I have achieved some minor goals… I am trying to design a very specific part for an aerodynamical project bud have had some trouble with the BOOlEAN MODIFIER… A went trough the basics tutorial and apparently it has to do with the normals… i.e. if I try to operate a DIFFERENCE it performs an INTERSECTION and so forth… nevertheless I could achieve My first goal… The problem is when I try to re´oparate the object with with another BOOLEAN… It give me the CANNOT EXECUTE BOOLEAN OPERATION… I believe that the object was affected in some way… I have tried many things but cant achieve it…

 Can Anyone help me in this topic?

I feel very honored to belong to the blender community and are very excited regarding the the use of the program.

Thank You and best regards.


(Not criticizing here, just mentioning these to help you in your future posts)
Leave the uppercase words out of the text and use paragraphs. Uppercase words don’t make your point any clearer, they make text harder to read and looks stupid.
If you need to make something clear, use screenshots (unaltered resolution, no cropping, only remove personal information). You will also notice that you need less words to explain something when adding visuals. Share your .blend (actual or test file) so that others can check what the problem is and give you the answer instead of asking a lot of questions and wasting everyones time. You can attach a file in advanced mode. If not, use http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and share the link.

There is a recent thread asking about boolean http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?315791-Boolean-modifier-not-working-for-no-reason&p=2502118&viewfull=1#post2502118 which might help.

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