Hi. I`m a newbie, and i have some dumb questions :)

I have some questions for ya :slight_smile:

  1. How do i pan?
  2. How do i smooth model in rendering?

-Flaringo- :Z

For Panning, if you have a 3 button mouse, hold down the middle mouse button and move your mouse around.

For smoothing, in the EDIT window menu, (F9), there is a button that says SET SMOOTH. Select all your verts in EDIT mode and then press this button. You may see some black sots on the mesh in the viewport. If you do, press CTRL+N to recalc the normals to the outside of the mesh. That should fix the black areas.


Tnx m8 :smiley:
Well… The panning didn`t work :-?
If i hold the middle mouse button down, i can rotate and stuff… ut not move around…

In the menus and buttons, middle mouse button lets you pan.
In the 3D window, middle mouse button rotates (sort of a trackball effect). To pan in the 3D window, press Shift-MMB.

Thaaaank you :smiley:
More questions:
1.How do i make a object… like i can see throught it?

Select the object, go to the material settings for the object (F5).
There are settings for R,G,B to adjust the color. Below the R,G,B is “A” for Alpha. Slide it nearer Zero and you can see the effect in the preview image.

That is the simplest explanation. It is for appearance only. There are other settings to allow light to shine through objects.

Hmmm… How do i get the “glass” effect?

Here is the ‘old’ way (before raytracing)

Here is an explanation of raytracting (page 43)

The manual reference:

Holding the ctrl button while pressing one of the numpad numbers (2,4,6,8 ) will allow you to pan.

Or, (assuming that you have a scroll-wheel mouse) you can use CTRL-scroll to pan horizontally or SHIFT-scroll to pan vertically.

hope this helps