hi im new and thought id say hi

i am a new artist on the site and thought that id say hi , i create both figuratiive and non figurative work.

Hi, welcome to BA! It’s a pretty friendly place, though OT can be quite weird at times the support & art fora are really excellent.

Hope to see some of your work here soon :slight_smile:

Hi Scarlet! I hope you’re not wearing a letter, or waste your days pining for Rhett. Welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to BA. You say you create works, which implies you have works already. Have any links where we can see what you do?

Welcome and enjoy.

welcome! its always nice to see newcomers! :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m the forum’s Dragon.

Come and enjoy Blender. Some people like posting pictures of cats though so watch out for them, the two big creatures here are cats and Dragons.

Cool, a new guy! Welcome and have fun.

Welcome on Board.

hi :stuck_out_tongue: lol
hope to see you around :slight_smile:

here is my site where you can see my work
http://www.redintherain.com (site not suitable for school or work)

Well now I am glad I asked what you do. That is some impressive photograph. Seeing as you sculpt and take photos, what do plan to do with Blender?

Looks good. Love the posterized prints especially.

Just as a note though, this forum has a lot of young members, and people who browse from work. Would be worth adding a nsfw note next to the link. BA doesn’t have a problem with it, it’s just as a courtesy :slight_smile:

I can see as the other “newbie” that she is going to be liked more than I . . .

@ViewGator91: Don’t take it personal. We get few female members, here so they tend to attract attention.

@Scarlet: Like IanC said, we have a lot of 10 to 16 year old members. While I find absolutely noting wrong with your site, some teachers or parents may. So I will +1 IanC on the Not safe for School / Work warning. This will also entice all Male members of the forum to visit your site more quickly. LOL

Are we getting a surge in girls now? Clearly this means we’re going to have to get rid of our anti-girl phaser guns.

Let’s beat up the noob!! Hahhahaha!!!

Don’t count me though. I’m a boy noob.

Comon gator, give peeps a chance to warm up to ya, geeze :smiley:

Ya, I third the warning to your site, and raise you 4. I got quite a surprise, and my mom thought i was looking up… inappropriate images :smiley:

Just kidding about the mom thing :smiley:

I’m what you might call the “popular” kid around here. Now, I don’t like that word or idea, but it seems to be the case. People just respect me. And sometimes pay me, so if you wanna do that, just PM me :smiley:

Scarlet: I would like to take this chance to say I am sorry for asking for your site. I fear what should have been a warm welcome for you it going to go way off topic soon. (Note to self: Next time a new artist joins, just Google them.)

To all the guys out there, Scarlet appears to be a very talented Artist. Let’s treat her as such.

If your talkin to me, my bad. Just kidding.

BTW, how long have you been using blender? Just get it?

@Sammaron: No my comment was not directed at you. You were being funny. Others will come I am sure that will not know where to stop.