Hi, i'm new to Blender and found this insurmountable problem: is there an equivalent in Blender for the "Object Falloff" from 3dMax, and also a way to camera map project per pixel as you do with Max?

I am trying to create a street composed of many houses for an animation. I used a moving camera, found the camera projection method very usefull, so i projected the image from at least two static horizontal cameras and a third vertical one, oriented to the roofs. I have some problems because of the vertical positioned camera, it messes the horizontal projections with its masks (made to adjust the horizontal ones), and the workflow is too slow because of that.

I have two questions here, both connected in the end:

  1. I’m trying to find a shader that can be used in cycles render as a node so it gives the same effect as the “object falloff” effect from 3dMax, with some towards/ away effects, so that i can project the image only to the polygons facing the camera. I am searching for that so i can project (and correct the horizontal projections) like that from the vertical camera.

  2. Is there a so called “per pixel projection” (again from 3dMax) in Blender? I think this would simplify my work for this animation.

Sorry if i didn’t post in the proper category.
Thank you!

I’m not a 3DS Max user… but… I think that this tutorial may help you with your first problem: mixing between nodes based on angle of face.

What is “per pixel projection”?

Thank you, i already tried this method, but i should have the texture applied on the polygons with their normals oriented toward a Null, not only throughout the Separate RGB node, like in the Blender video you kindly suggested. In 3dMax there is a Falloff shader witch calculates normals in relation with an object.

“Per pixel projection” in 3dMax, Nuke (and perhaps in Maya too) is a different way of projection without UVs :

Looking at this BlenderStackeExchange question there is a way to derive a dot product from another object. Perhaps you could use the camera as the target to generate a mask?

Thanks alot, 3pointEdit, that is a good method (https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/47175/i-want-to-mix-cycles-shaders-based-on-self-shadow) and closest solution to the one I was searching for!

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