Hi! I'm Splododyne and I'm new to Blender Artists

I do CG as a hobby. TrueSpace was my first CG program. Now I use Blender. Mostly still pictures earlier but now I’m becoming more interested in animation. I like to use creativity and interesting concepts in my pictures.



Welcome @Splododyne!

How cool, I get to be the first to welcome you to the community. :smiley:

I really like your website, and your work has a lot of surreal imagination. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with Blender! The community here is super cool, and I honestly regret not spending more time here.

I especially like all the breakdowns on your artwork! Not enough artists show how they arrived at their finished pieces, so that’s really refreshing to see.

Soooo, welcome! I hope you enjoy Blender and hanging out with the cool people who use it. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Arcangel_Zero7. Thanks everyone who gave likes. I’m busy now but I’ll post a work in progress when I can.

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