Hi import question

Hi All

I am new to blender and am a little confused with the import options. How do i import a .obj sequence. i can import 1 frame, but i have 200 in seq to import?

Any help would be appreciated.


If you hold down “shift” when picking the obj importer from the menu then it’ll import a directory of objs all at once.

each will be in it’s own scene…

to make them animate in sequence you could use the “rvk1-rvk2” plug in to generate shape keys and then key them… ( it might be called “deformed mesh to rvk” or somesuch now…)

This is do-able, but extremely manual…

maybe you should write a script…

hmmm me and scripts are not friends at the moment. :frowning:

thanks though

is that it for import of sequences, i really suck at scripting so i am really stuck now :9