Hi.Like some help here.

Hey I’ve never done a thing in Python before so go easy on me:o:oMy question is is there a script that lets you make Edit mode changes in the timeline?Do you know how?

You will have to be more specific, I think. Do you mean you want the shape of the mesh to change over time? If so, that’s called a shape key. See the User Manual under Animation.

a few days ago i asked the same questions man theres one answer to all ya problems the blender wiki page

What and where?And I mean in EDIT MODE,(you know all the verticles,faces, and edges?)
change them and make it a keyframe part of the animation.And where is the Manual?I’ll look a little.

You do not make a mesh change shape that way. The way you do it in Blender is more flexible. The page that renegade indicated is here. The page on shape keys is here. The workflow is:

  1. Define your basis shape.
  2. Define your target shape
  3. Using the IPO curves, define when you want the target shape to influence the basis shape.

This way, you only define the shape once. You can then have the object take that shape once, twice, or a hundred times in the animation.

…You can do this the way your talking about ( well almost) although generally shape keys are easiest… as you didn’t say what you were trying to achieve it may be that you do want it the way you asked!

Select each vertex you want to key (one at a time) and hit ctrlH (add hook). choose “add new empty” from the popup. Now, in object mode, you can animate the empties for per vertex animation. Easy to do, but could be a pain on a high poly mesh!

COuld you do this to multiple verticles?i’ll se for my self.

Thanks Michael W!This is what I needed!But how do you view different layers in 2 different 3D Views?:confused::confused::confused:

to the right of the layer “cells” in the 3d view header is a padlock. if you click it so it changes to “unlocked” then you can have independent layer selection for different 3d views…

Not a lot of python going on here…

srry im a beginner

Ok thread done!(Sorry.I thought some Python would be involved)We ll thanks Michael W!You helped alot!