Hi there i need a bit of help...

Hi there guys.

im quite new to blender and i have a question, i have looked around and could not find an answer to the question i am asking, so i hope someone here can help :slight_smile:

Ok my question is is there a way that i can add an image to a 3d scene? for example i create a bedroom scene and want to add something to the room that is an image, not the reason i want to do this is because i work with a client that had products for example a bed, now i want to add that bed which had been cut out and all i want to do is add the bed to the room so that customers can see what the bed would look like in a room.

i dont want to rebuild the bed in 3d ( i know that would be easier, but there are alot of items and i dont have the time.)

any help will help :slight_smile:


Add a plane with the image as a texture using the Images as Planes addon http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Add_Mesh/Planes_from_Images


Add an empty and set the display to image, then select your image file. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Modeling/Empties

awesome thanks :slight_smile: that should help fine :slight_smile: ill let you know if i dont come right.