Hi this is my first post. (i think need some help & advice)

I would very much appreciate your comments for improvement or tutorials that recommend me.!


I love it, great style. Post more!


Welcome to Blender Artists! I moved your post to the #artwork:focused-critiques category.

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I think it would improve the Image, if you would put everything to the same amount of detail. the stones and the metal parts feel a bit out of place.


I definitely appreciate the detail that you put into this “low-poly” scene, and I think that your total execution of “the pure-mechanics of exposure, and so on” is particularly well-done.

Now, as to “next steps,” consider adding another camera to this scene, and moving it around. Without touching your existing camera, select the new camera as the “active” one. (You can have as many “cameras” as you wish, and in your renderings you will never see them.) Different points-of-view will naturally emphasize and de-emphasize different things, and in so doing will present surprisingly-different visual interpretations of this same scene.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Looks awesome!

I did notice that the bricks are kind of… goopy tho. I didn’t know bricks could be goopy. Maybe look at other bricks for reference? See what their topology is like?