Hidden Functions in G-Blender?

(Doc Holiday) #1

Does anybody know something about hidden Functions in GameLogic? There is something i don’t understand. e.g.: Obj.getName() This Function works, but is nowhere documented. Maybe there is more such unknown Stuff?

Cu, Doc

(saluk) #2

Yeah, there is more undocumented features in python as well, such as the vertex manipulation functions. I dont remember enough about them to post them here, but just do some dir() commands on objects. getMesh() gives you a mesh, getVert() gives you a vert etc. It’s pretty complicated stuff, but powerful.

(Doc Holiday) #3

Yes, really powerfull! I used them a lot. But i have the Feeling dir() don’t show me all. Wasn’t there an Explorer ore something?

(totmacher) #4

the dir() function returns only public functions.
is there a newer gamelogic api than the api from mark dec 2000.
An other thing i figured out:
i you want to share objects blenderwide you can do this:

GameLogic.dict[“mything”] = mything

every py script can acces these objects/vars, and they´re persitent for the main loop.


Why not collect all undocumented py things ?