Hidden keybinds?

I can’t seem to find the keybinds dealing with deselection.

By reading the manual I know that:
Lasso deselect = ctrl shift lmb
Border deselect = mmb
Circle deselect = mmb

But I can’t find any of these in the keybinds preferences. I’d really like to change them to something more sane.

you can find those key in preferences… imput tab… then… 3D view> 3D View (Global)… and find the one you want to change: Lasso Select, Border Select and Circle select…

Hope that help you

Nope. The “select” options are there alright. But the Deselect options aren’t.


I managed to hack a partial solution for the lasso tool by redefining a Tweak action to be “Shift RMB” and click the “deselect” option in the expand. But that still leaves the “ctrl shift lmb” default intact meaning if I ever wanted to use “ctrl shift lmb” for something else I would not be able to.


The border select has no “Deselect” option in the expand.


Neither does the Circle select.

Here is the full list of the 3D View (Global) keybinds.

As you can see, the select keys are there, but no deselect keys.

Do the deselect keys appear to you? Is this a bug with the 2.62 mac version? If so should I report it to the developers? And how would I do that?



Hello… Sorry I didn’t answer you… I thought I was going to receive an email if someone posted something…

So… the border select option does not have a “deselect” option visible but… if you look down there is a sublist that says “border gestures”… in there you can add or replace one of the options to deselect something… for example mine is set to “deselect/Mouse/ alt Left Mouse”…

I hope that help you… Im a 3ds max user and Im used to work with a lot of shortcuts… so I tried to make blender behave like blender… now I can work with both apps and feel them more or less the same.

If you want I can share my shortcut set up.