Hidden Line Render + AO

If thou ist interested, clicketh upon ye olde blendfile.


very nice and elegant

Yes, very nice. I haven’t figured out how you got what looks like two textures on the same object, but the effect is awesome. I’ll have to study it some more!

It’s called a wire frame render not hidden line. bigkahuna it’s two objects & materials, there’s a tut on blendernewbies. :wink:

Ah, so I just reinvented this. Heh.

And i’m not incorrect in calling the line-only part of the render a “hidden line” render, though to be more accurate this is wire vs. hidden line:


Ok, solid wire frame then. It’s just that I got all excited then I thought there might be a way of doing hidden line renders in blender using materials/nodes (built in edge rendering feature is a bit limited :().

PS. I like the box render better :stuck_out_tongue: (the lines look a bit out of place in the first render).

Well, that’s a neccesary trade-off based on how I’ve done the render. Blender still can’t do this properly, and the method I’ve used makes tight curves bleed through from the backside on occasion. This might be helped by scaling the scene up.