Hide Blocks Discourse plug-in


Would it be possible to add a new icon in the message composer to hide blocks ?


While typing a comment, the user would surround text with [spoiler] and [/spoiler] to hide long paragraphs, quotes or code.

Visitors would just see a clickable [spoiler] button, pressing it would reveal the div, showing the content of the [spoiler] [/spoiler] tags.

Here is the Discourse Hide Blocks plug-in: https://github.com/looker/discourse-hide-blocks

Note, that this plug-in is different than this kind of spoiler (blur) tag: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-spoiler-alert / https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-spoiler-alert/12650

This request is just about adding the possibility to hide long blocks of text, which would be handy in some circumstances.

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how’s this?

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wow, I didn’t even know this feature was already available…
Thank you Bartv.

Now that I have tried it, I think that its discoverability is a quite low.
A button in the message composer would be handy.

Annotation 2020-04-16 193230