hide geometry sculpt performances?

Hi guys,
I am working on a sculpt 5 millions poly model. when I use Alt-B to hide part of the geometry, performances are the same that without hiding. Any tips?

if you are using a multiresolution modifier, you can check the “Fast Navigate” option:

It only works with multiresolution though. It wont work if you just subdivide a mesh.
Hope that helps

I know about multirez, VBO…any tips. But I am talking about Hiding geometry with the Alt-B functiunality: this doesn’t change my viewport performances I don’t know why.

Just tested, and you’re right, to my own surprise hiding parts of the geometry on a high poly model have absolutely no impact on the performance.

That’s rather weird, i’m so used in having huge sculpting performance boost when hiding part of the geometry of a high poly sculpture in Sculptris, and seeing it improving nothing in Blender must certainly be a bug or an overlook somewhere.

“Fast navigate” is great (would be much better if zooming in/out was included in the fast navigate) when you use models that are built with multires, but it does nothing at all when you’re working on an already high poly model that does not have any multires levels.

Hopefully, the future GSOC improvements in sculpting will fix that problem.

cool for GSOC news :slight_smile: any detail on the sculpt project?
One tip to high performance in sculpt mode. Viewport to solid. User preferences /System/VBOs. Now in the vieport properties (N), check ON then OFF the Texture Solid option in the display section.
tadaaaaa! sculpting viewport is now very fast, no need to fast navigate any more :slight_smile: