hide overlay scene

I’m want to hide the overlay scene
In my game when open inventory I want hud to hide.
but I don’t want to delete hud scene.
so what is the easy way to do this?

Can’t you just set the ‘visible’ attribute of the HUD objects to ‘false’, any object in the overlay scene should be able to have logic operate on it like normal.

hud has many object in it so it’ll be complex to visible all object in hud
but I’ll try to use for loop to invisible all object thank you:D.
how can I forget to use loop :o.

edit: and it solve thank you for fast reply.

I had recently the same question than you. At the end I solved it setting two cameras in the ‘HUD’ scene, when you want to hide it, set the other camera like the active one (focusing a empty space).

Oh this method is good too thanks mandago I’ll try you method.