Hide texture in UV-Editor

Is it possible hide texture in UV-Editor?

It will be possible a better navigation on uv sometimes…

If you change the renderer to Cycles, you can just hit the X next to the TextureAtlas at the bottom of the UV editor window to remove it. If you still want to see the texture on the model, just create a Cycles material with the image as a texture and set the viewport mode to Texture.

Ok, but i lost canvas resolution, and need everytime load/reload texture.
It will mutch easyer to hide texture by checkbox or hotkey

I’m not sure what you mean by canvas resolution. If you mean inside the UV editor, it doesn’t matter as it’s all relative. UV space is 0.0 to 1.0 regardless of the loaded texture.

As far as loading and reloading, you hit the X to “hide” it, then when you want to see it again, just click the drop down at the bottom of the UV editor and select the texture. No need to reload it.

Maybe there is a better solution, but I don’t know as I typically don’t load an image into the UV editor when unwrapping. I usually just have the texture visible on the model in the 3D view.