Hideout in the country

Somewhere to Hideout…
Done with Blender 2.93…A little post in Gimp.


Verder niet, looks like a dutch forest

Yes, that looks very convincingly like a real, and well-exposed photograph of an actual place. I could very easily be persuaded that that’s what it really was. :+1:

Thankyou…kind words

That’s a great compliment, Thankyou

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thankyou…I am honoured :smiley:

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Excellent work. As you’ve asked for critique there are a couple of minor things I notice:

The patches of gravel in the road seem a bit too cleanly separated from the other ground material
The grass looks a bit too uniform (in type - could be more variety)
The leaning rail of the fence does not appear that it could possibly be supported in that position.

Thankyou for your critiques…I agree with you about the uniform grass and the gravel…I wasn’t too happy about these when I uploaded but by that time I was tired of looking at this image and needed to move on. :smiley:

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