hIDING THING function of Z

Is there any function in Blender to hide
let say everything before Z = 10 ?
(or may in Y or X )

so that your view allows to see only what’s located after Z=10 or larger ?

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I don’t know of a way to do EXACTLY what you’re asking, but you can clip your view up to and after a certain point. But it’s from the perspective of the view or camera, not based on exact coordinates.

To clip the standard view:

  1. In a 3D View, left-click the View menu at the bottom left of the window and select View Properties. You can adjust the Clip Start and Clip End values to clip the view between those distances (in Blender units) from the view “camera”. Note: there are limits ( 0.3 to 100.0, I believe).

  2. You can also adjust the clip values for a camera object. You have more flexibility with the camera settings. Select a camera and make the clip changes in the Edit Buttons (F6). Switch to a camera view (NUMPAD-0) to see the effect. Again, the clipping is done from the perspective angle of the camera, not a fixed X, Y, or Z clipping.

You could always position a camera so that it’s clipping would lie along the axis you want to clip and then switch to it when you need to.

By the way, this sounds like a good job for a Python script.

Definitively not for the camera view

but you made me review more of the options
and may be with the select then press the /Key
you then makes anything else disapear from the view

but this technic wont cut objects

it’s not very elegent but can be useful

all this to make work easier when you want to work inside a complicated object


In Edit mode in Top view (7) select the verts you want to hide and use H (Alt-H to unhide). Can be done in any view but Top view for Z.