high heels modeling timelapse

Model: Glossy high heels
Software: Blender 2.62
Renderengine: Cycles DL 500s/px.
Animation: 250 Frames in 2.5hrs.

this is really good, surprised that there are no replies. If anyone has tried to model a shoe before, they will know it’s quite hard!

Yeah, shoes and feet are difficult. If only because they seem like they should be easy, but they aren’t.

thanks guys:)

I was just bored of all that archiviz stuff i got to do at work and i wanted to improve my organical modeling skills…

These high heels were relative a easy to model.
I just started another more complex sports shoe. ->it will take a lil longer i think…

Just a litle update.
i worked a bit more on the shoe and added some more details like seams.

Laces will come next…