High jewellery design + modeled Blender 2.82 + LuxCore 2.2 rendered

Grateful. Grateful to the people developing Blender. Grateful to the people developing LuxCore. It is not that they have done something specially for me, but by their everyday dedication, they have created wonderful tools. And these tools allowed me to work better, and to become better as a profesional. And that will be reflected in my ways of supporting these communities.

So, here it is. After several comments about me having to use other renderers to improve, this new project is getting rendered entirely with LuxCore (this means this is not a Cycles scene ported to LuxCore, all materials and scene have been created directly with LuxCore nodes). I hope you will appreciate the improvements.

Final still image render with LuxCore Render 2.2 Metropolis+BiDir - CPU rendered

Video 8
Dibujo de joyas con Damien Rohrbach

Ring designed and rendered entirely in Blender (2.82alpha)
This project will also become a new jewellery animation.

Some views during progress