high poly count needs to go down

Hi all, my restaurant model has a pretty high face count, 203312 faces. I wanted to use this as an environment for a simple ‘game’ that would explore it. Problem is as you may have already noticed, is that with such a count in just about everything the game won’t run and the thing crashes. So I’m looking for a way to get around this. I’m guessing that by lowering the poly count i could save memory and what not.

My model has quite a few arrays, objects duplicated up to 6 to 12 times. I also have a particular section that is composed of a repeating pattern, so i just arrayed that too, each section is 6 faces x 3 vertical array, x 9 horizontal array, x up to 6 horizontal array. Thats a lot.

Heres a picture of my wire frame.

Appreciate your help, thanks

P.S. just so ya know when i first made it, it wasn’t intended for a game. I did it for a project and decided to try some things on it. Not quite working out like i hoped :stuck_out_tongue:

You can lower your polycount dramatically if you make textures of the wall sections and put them on planes, this way you can have all the detail there without the polygons.

The restaurant looks cool, is there any particular reason you’re doing this or is it just for fun?

Any time that your wireframes look completely black, you can be assured that they’re too hipoly. Lopoly modeling is a skill, and one that can be perfected in time. If you keep practicing, you should be able to master it. As practice, find the densest objects in your scene, and keep remodeling them until you get a satisfactory lopoly one.

The problem with your level is probably the duplicate models. If I’m correct, the current blender game engine does not care about duplicate models, it treats all of them as individual models with their unique data and thus uses a way too much memory. Also the data conversion is very slow so that causes blender to freeze for a long time.

Those are some good points.

Another thing that may be slowing it down, is if they are all seperate objects. Since the game engine has a harder time processing 500 objects rather than 20.

the biggest thing to do is change the walls into textures. you can alpha map them so that there still look like there are holes in them, if that’s what you’r going for… do this and the game will be 100 times faster

Alt-D makes linked clones, which you can use to replace separate objects, reducing face count as well.

Tried replicating some objects with Alt-D but it didn’t seem to speed up starting the GE, neither reduce the amount of faces.

Holy shit, remember this saying while modelling:

A good texture will go far.

You should never really model detail for games, only minor detail no large scale stuff like what you’ve got there. And that poly count, oh my, 200k.

All the tips above this are also really good, take them all into account.

But bear in mind a lot of textures can slow down the engine even more than a high poly count.