High Poly Meshes to Low Poly Baking in Cycles

Hi all,

I am trying to bake some high-poly meshes onto a low-poly (single plane) mesh using Cycles and I am running into one roadblock after the other.

The problem, as I see it at least, is that when baking in Cycles it appears that EVERY object must be UV unwrapped and have an image texture attached to it. With Blender Internal, all that was needed was to select the mesh(es) to be baked and have an object to bake it to. There are some old tutorials like a Sci-Fi door from CG Cookie and another creating a wooden crate from YouTube that I am trying to duplicate in Cycles.

I have managed to bake some nice lightmaps with Cycles and bake one single object with one material, or bake the high poly meshes using Texture Atlas, but nothing for getting it down to something that would become a single texture on a single plane. Is it possible to do in Cycles without scripting?

Any tips?

Thanks a bunch.

you could maybe use that technic watch from minute 10. This also works with cycles, matcap and ogl render. I used it sometimes and it worked quite good but don`t expect too much. It is not perfect but fast :wink: