high Poly Uzi

Hello, I am new to this forum :smiley:

I have been modeling since November 2010 and I mainly create assets for games.

I am currently working on an Uzi , I believe the high poly version is just about done now, I will soon be baking it into low poly and texturing it, I will update you guys when I can.


I would post my previous work but it won’t let me lol.

Hello, and welcome!

Not bad, but just one thing that bothers me; most of the uzi’s i’ve seen on the internet (and the one i’ve fired) have a butt. In real life this one would be very unwieldy, although i suppose for a game that might not be an issue. Still, think about it.

and maybe turn down the AO on it a little.

For a slightly cartoonish game, it looks good. However, I can see you have improvised on the details rather than using references, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on what you’re aiming for…
Anyway, my only general suggestion would be to make the silencer shorter and a bit thicker (maybe reduce the space between gun and silencer)
Also, if your details have too sharp edges, they don’t bake too well in the normalmap.

Well, without knowing what style of game you are aiming for, I cannot say in any clear detail - all up it does look very good, but as another poster pointed out, would only suit a cartoony game. The details are inaccurate; though I’m not an expert on Uzi’s in particular.
If, however, you are aiming for realism - then I’d suggest obtaining as many images as you possibly can; from as many different sources as you can.
That is what I do when I’m creating my WWII-era Australian weaponry models.
But, if unrealistic is what you’ve intended - in that case, I can’t really find any obvious faults. Good job!

Any updates?

Thanks for all the replys!

@Jorzi: I took your advice and made the edges a bit more loose, I also fixed the silencer by making it shorter and fatter.

About the origins of the gun: it’s not supposed to be a pin point accurate gun . It’s just meant to be a fun side project, for my portfolio, and maybe I will include it in an OSP

Here is a update on the uzi ( Still not textured ) I also included a wire frame shot


Sorry, it wouldn’t even let me post 2 links in the same post, so here are the wire frames: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12243880/wireframe.jpg