High polygon scenes and modeling

I have run into some problems when it comes to tackling high polygon scenes modeling and i need suggestions and solutions how to tackle them, but first some general question and observations.

  1. The LOD system of the blender game engine is not suitable for landscapes and does not work on the viewpoint or camera level but the distance from the camera to the pivot which pure is insanity when it comes to bigger objects.

  2. How would i model a large landscape without big and obvious seems and holes and is there a automatic plugin addon
    that can be used to split the scene in regions without physically separating the object ?

  3. How would Blender handle terrain landscapes and worlds at sizes close to minecraft, and is there any practical ways to
    achieve something like it ?

  4. What is the closest we can get to things like Vue, World machine and Terragen in blender and how would it be done ?

  5. I know about the GLSL Shader based system here on the forum but i assume it comes with limitations when it comes to shadows and compatibility with cycles for example.

  6. How would a manage scenes with a terrain with over 10 million polygons and more with out a effective LOD system and im not even talking about games or animations now but still images.

  7. Does blender handle any non polygon objects like povray and how can 3D fractals be used for procedural voxel terrain
    i know it can not be done by default but but is there any addons or plugins that make it possible ?

  8. Is there any ways of getting closer to these goals in blender without using 3rd standalone party software ?

There’s a project that does LOD in chunks on a large terrain. There was a presentation (or at least a lightning talk) about it at this year’s Blender Conference. Have a look through the YouTube screenings of the conference.

You’re going to need to be more specific. Vue, World Machine, and Terragen do a lot of “things”. Specifically which ones are you referring to?

Render the scene separately and composite in post, use linked assets, use matte paintings… Not just in Blender, but in all of CG: if you’re not faking it, you’re probably doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender does have non-polygon primitives… but curves and metaballs aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. There’s been discussions about the notion of having volumetric primitives, but no one has done any development on that yet.

Contribute to the Blender Development fund, hire a developer, or write them yourself.

Thank you very much.