High quality island environment required for a simulator game


We are looking for a large, high quality island environment to be used in a simulator game. It is to be a tropical like island with suitable vegetation (palm tree’s, etc.), with a sandy beach along the edges, a volcano like mountain in the middle of the island or perhaps a waterfall and the island is to be surrounded by an ocean, dynamic if possible. There is to be a high detailed path going around the island and the player will be travelling along this during the game. We would also like to have non playable characters or animals on the island in order to enhance the realism of the overall game. We have good computers to run the game so the more detailed the environment the better.

Here’s a link to something along the lines of what we we’re thinking, but we obviously require a much larger and much more detailed environment:

I am in the process of building one for my CG Movie. It will feature lush jungles, rolling hills, 7 wonders, villages, dense sky and even outer space!. I will let you know when I finished the 1st level: the ground.

I include space because the intro is a continuation of my first CG Movie where the character fell from space to a tropical island surrounded by many islands and a final big island the size of Asia.

sure I’d love to take a look when you are done!