High solve error problem

Hi i have 8 tracks on some footage that i though tracked pretty well but am getting solve error of 4.2 ? I was wondering if there is a way to check each track to see which one is causing the problem rather than scrolling back and forth kind of like running camera solve one track at a time any help is greatly appreciated .


Hi. Is there a lot of parallax in your shot? Is it a pan or a free move? Feel free to put up a link of the video if you have one.

After your solve you should be able to see your residual error of each track by clicking on it. The average error shows up on the right in the ‘track’ section. It shows up right under ‘weight’.
Or do you want to see the health or error of each track prior to solving?

Thanks for responding there is slight craning up its a hand held shot. I will post the blend file and the mov file tomorrow. Got home from work later than expected.