High speed rotations: animate or fake it?


Say i wanted to animate something that revolves 50 times per second (3000rpm). Is that even possible to animate or would you better be of trying to fake it in some way (and how would you go about that) ?

Hi Gremriel, it just depends on you and your expectations … If you’re limited by time or memory then the best thing will be to fake but it may be hard to obtain realistic results.
If you just decide to animate it, you’ll have to use motion blur and that will be time consuming.
It’s up to you now.

Blender internal renderer can not do this. I discovered this while while working on a helicopter project. You may as well try and fake it. You could use a plane with a pre animated blur patter that represent the object in motion.

Another option might be to use the Lux render system because it supports a realistic camera.