High Tech?

I am not sure that I will be able to do all the prompts in time but I will try to catch up!

I was a bit stumped on this one and finally came up with something abstract.
10 Cubes, 1 material (only principled Bsdf no other nodes), 1 Light.


Time is an illusion, make art whenever!


I am having great fun participating in this challenge and seeing all the incredible entries from everyone. The limitations are a big part of the fun and what make it a challenge.

I will do all even if it takes me a bit longer. :laughing:


I love the kaleidoscopic effect you made with this one, haven’t seen that one before!

Coming soon “making of” :rofl:
It is really very simple.

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You hit the nail on the head with the kaleidoscopic, this works in exactly the same way as one of those tubular kaleidoscopics for kids.

“Making Of” (did not warrant a you tube tutorial)

10 really long rotated cubes (you are inside half of them), a point light and a material with specular at 1, roughness 0 + a bit metallic.

Oh …………and those lovely white discs (dots in this case) that reflect off point lamps when you leave “Multiple importance” on!