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(arbit_man) #1

Made this little animation to celebrate Captain Marvel. It would have been impossible for me if I had rendered it in Cycles. Slowly getting the hang of Eevee. I know this is a finished work but I am happy to hear any suggestions that can help me in my next work.

(yogyog) #2

Really like the style here - you’ve mastered the neon look.

Only comment I have … what does the animation look like backwards? Think would look good as the motion lines would zoom into the text rather than the other way round.

(arbit_man) #3

I agree. My initial idea was to do a static comp focused on R’s legs (similar to the clay render). I was so attached to the concept that I had forgotten that the composition was weak and animation flow was bad. It would be strong if the lines flowed from bottom-left to top-right. But by the time I realized that I had already invested a lot of time. Will keep it in mind for my next one.

(yogyog) #4

Well, I think just reversing the animation would be a great fix. I don’t think right-to-left movement would be much of a problem.

(yogyog) #5

Could I see a clay render from another angle? I’m intrigued how this is 3D.

(arbit_man) #6

Camera in orthographic :wink: