Highlight Object

Hi every body

Is there any method to make the object highlight in game engine for example the button highlight when clicked?


Give this file a test run to see if it’s what you need.

In my file is layer 1, it uses Logic Bricks. In layer 2 it uses Python. Check both of them out :wink:
If you want to test Python in my file on layer 2, you need to be using Blender 2.57 (or any 2.5 version, not 2.49)

I would recommend using Python for your own, it helps keep things from becoming messy in the Logic Bricks.

Here’s the .blend:
highlighting.blend (71.1 KB)

Thank you this exactly what I want but My work in blender 2.49 can I change the from 2.57 to 2.49

I don’t know if 2.57 to 2.49 is possible. I don’t have 2.49 any more so I wouldn’t be able to make another. What you could do is open your work in 2.57 and work on it that way, I would suggest doing this and moving on to 2.57. That way people will be able to help you easier, since most people updated to the newest version, but it’s your choice.