Highlighted contours only (as a exoskeletton of a model)


Multec (www.multec.de) is a producer of industrial 3d-printers. I need some artwork done for some explanational and marketing purposes.
My first request is a model and and animated video of our print extruder.
What we need:

  • from cad-sources (step, etc. possible) or as a new model: modelling and rendering of our extruder. Reduced to the important components, so that the function is shown very well
  • We will need an anmiated video and in addition some rendered pictures in variants
  • the scenarios not only realistic but for example only highlighted conturs with dark background
    For the function/print head you can have a look onto this video: Funktion of the printhead. But is has some new functionality for a new print extruder. Therefore NDA is required!
  • this could be a work to be extended over time

In this first step I would like to get an offer on:

  • modeling the printhead in Blender from the step/stl/… CAD-file with all functionality for movement (for the existing one in the video)
  • rendering it as an explanational video for the functionality

If you need further information, please contact me,


Good day,

Where do we place a bid?
Is there an email address we can send applications to?


Please use a direct message - click on their avatar and select ‘message’:

Many thanks, Bart

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