Highlighting collection which contain selected object?

Here’s the problem.
When you select soe object, you can see those “highlight” near collection name at least if you take some time or just know where to find it.

But those “highlight” are barely visible!
I was try to find color of those specific area in color themes but with no luck.

Maybe some one know how the setting for this color are called or know any addon where automatically (without freaking hotkeys) collection which containt selected object would be highlighted?

I would like to know this as well. I can not find a preference to set this, though.

I have noticed that it helps a bit to set the outliner color to black or nearly black. It it still far from perfect but a little bit better than the default settings.

Person who in charge about UI in blender have some talent.

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Ah, thank you. Too bad it is linked to the text.