Highlights added to character's face by Texture Paint don't render

I applied a realistic skin texture to a character and it renders well (in CYCLES).
But the skin tex is rather flat (uniform) and the face could do with some pinkish highlights.
So I UVmapped just the face and added the highlights by Texture Paint (rather than exporting the UV layout to GIMP or Photoshop.
The highlights do show up rather crudely on the face in material and texture views in the 3D window but won’t render.

Two questions:

  1. why doesn’t the Texture painted character render?
  2. How to apply highlights in a subtle/delicate way and accurately to a character’s face in Texture Paint?

Answers will be gratefully received.

Have you saved the painted texture ?
Have you added the texture correctly to the skin material nodes ?

Thanks, Richard, for pointing out my error. I had not saved the painted texture. So I saved in the textures folder and voila, the character rendered with the UV tex.
But painting accurately and delicately is not easy, especially round the eyes and ears. Any tips about brush size, precise color shade etc?
What do mean by “adding the texture correctly…”?

Get a Wacom , it’ll make painting a lot easier…it’s just like drawing on paper.

Thanks, Rambobaby, for the tip. Will consider it.