Highpoly to lowpoly workflow issue

Greetings blenderers!
I’m a complete rookie in transferring high-poly models to low-poly ones. I’m trying to model a high-poly strawberry to have it later in my game as a low-poly object with baked texture. Although it’s far from the best, I’m pretty happy with the high-poly now:

When I’m baking a texture I’m getting this:

But it seems impossible to me to apply this texture to the low-poly model as all seeds are separated from the main body and are not “in place” on the texture. And my low-poly won’t have all these seeds’ polygons obviously.

So the questions:
Is my workflow of baking a texture from a high-poly correct?
Is there a straightforward way to get suitable texture from my high-poly model to apply it to a low-poly? Or I’d have to change the mesh somehow (merge all seeds to the body etc)?
How would you do this task? (Say, you need to have a low-poly strawberry in a game and you don’t want to use textures from stocks)